I am a new customer

TelEm has great news for you. If you received a Fiber letter in your mailbox it means that TelEm is pleased to offer you their services: internet, phone and TV on the islands fastest and most reliable Fiber optic network! We would love to have you onboard as a new TelEm customer and we would like to offer you different service packages to choose from: Landline, Duo Play and Triple Play, find out more about these service packages and the Fiber installation process below.

Fiber Installation Process
After selecting your TelEm service package from the available services listed below you can apply for your service package of choice online. Once we receive your online application form the process will start. You will be contacted within a couple of days by our customer service to visit one of our TelEm branches to make payment for your installation and first month of service. The TelEm Fiber team will contact you within a couple of days to schedule an appointment for your Fiber installation. It's required for the customer to be at home during the installation process. Once your installation is completed you can enjoy TelEm services on our new Fiber optic network.

Triple Play 
TelEm proudly presents: TelTV. TelTV is St. Maarten's premier IPTV service. With a multitude of television programs to select from, you can enjoy your TV viewing experience all day long from the comfort of your living room couch. View our channel listing and packages and apply online today! Triple Play packages starting from $120 per month. Sign up for Triple Play now and benefit from our special Fiber offer and save $180


Special offer: Sign up for Triple Play and get your internet modem and TV Set Top Box for FREE!
($180 value: Free internet modem/$80 and TelTV set top box/ $100)

DUO Play
DUO Play is Landline and internet combined in one package. Watch movies, send e-mails, browse the web, shop online, keep in touch with family and friends. Your usage is unlimited, which means more of everything with the fastest internet connection on Sint Maarten! You can enjoy our DUO Play services starting from $50 per month. Click the more info button for more information about the DUO Play packages or apply online now.


TelEm offers you a fixed prepaid or postpaid landline to make local and international calls from the convenience of your own home. Click here for more information on prepaid and postpaid landline and apply directly online.

What are the costs?
There is an one-time installation fee of USD 126,40 and a monthly recurring cost (based on the package of your choice). Please note that your installation fee covers the cost for bringing the fiber connection into your home as well as the installation of the connection by a qualified TelEm Group technician or a contractor, who will make the connection to an assigned spot. Note: If you wish to have the Fiber connection elsewhere in your home, additional costs will be charged directly to you by the contractor making the installation.



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